Who is VHF-Technologies (VHF-Tech)?

We are a group of friends, venture capitalists at heart, with a crazy idea.  We want to change the way the stock market is exploited and manipulated.  We have developed our own proprietary software, and network infrastructure which allows us to maximize the effectiveness of this exploitation.

How did we become VHF-Tech?

Back in 2008, with the fall Lehman Brothers, causing the U.S. to teeter on the brink of another depression, my friends and I were having drinks and started talking about the market crashing. The idea started as a joke among us.  The joke was to take all of our savings, combine them to invest in the market enough to cause an upward or downward spike at the same moment a certain stock or fund does the same, which in theory would stall or push the stock.  We started throwing around the idea of developing software, now called Project Libra, that can detect slight variances, or “swings” as we call them, in the market right before a surge or plunge will occur.  We perfected the software, but there was still the issue of latency from the time we ordered the transaction to the time it posted.  We needed a way to break through the latency barrier and began researching new network infrastructure technology.  We later discovered a research project being initiated in the UK.  We generously sponsored the research being conducted at University College London (UCL) to increase data transmit speeds in upwards of 50,000 times what is being provided in the US.  This paved the way for our unique and one of a kind of network which provides us with the capability of transmitting 1.125 Terabits of information per second……….

What do we do here at VHF-Tech?

We develop software that utilizes algorithms and analyzes the current market.  The software determines when to execute orders based on the current market conditions resulting in market influences.  In turn, this can bring the market to a peak, but may also send it crashing.  This is what VHF-Tech does, influences and manipulates the market with a click of a button.

Why we do what we do?